Our Impact

Our families and partner organizations are best at explaining the importance of Wildflower’s mission. Here are a few notes we have received from campers, parents and our partners about how Wildflower impacts their lives.

From Our Campers and Parents

“I am so grateful for what Wildflower does. There are so many things that have changed for my children since they lost their dad, but the promise of summer is one I cannot easily take from them.”

— Wildflower Mother

“I want you to know that my time at camp over the last 3 years has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life.”

— Kara, Wildflower Camper

“When I first went to camp, I have to say that I wasn’t so sure how much I liked it. I only had one good friend and I wasn’t particularly good at any of the activities. But this was my third year at camp and I had my best summer ever. I have made lots of friends, gotten really good at fencing and was happy living in a bunk with other boys. I was truly beginning to understand how awesome camp is because I’m making friends that I know will be my friends forever.”

— Simon, Wildflower Camper

“Keep spreading joy to kids!”

— Olivia, Wildflower Camper

From our Partners

“You all provide such a wonderful service to people in need. I see so much value in your efforts! It’s a pleasure and honor to partner with you all.”

— JCC Camp Grossman

“Incredible, really. What a giant difference Wildflower is making in the lives of SO MANY. “

— Doug Capelin, Deer Hill Expeditions

“Wildflower is on the cutting edge of camp philanthropy.”

— American Camp Association New England